stupid muffin top

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Dec 10, 2013 8:35pm
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what exercises can i do that doesn't require equipment to get rid of muffin top?. i just had my second baby 7 weeks ago and i don't have anyone to watch my babies so its an at home thing and i don't own equipment. I've been doing planks and other exercises for my tummy but idk if that's doing anything for my hips? thanks!

10 Dec
mix in cardio. Do a circuit of adding jumprope. I have 3kids-as u know it takes time for your belly to settle. As a mom or any other person choosing a healthy/physical takes patience & consistency. You are doing a good job by starting now(: enjoy. Also with ur newborn..lie on ur back and do chest presses. She will enjoy. U can't spot reduce unfortunately,so cardio &clean eating is key to seeing results.
10 Dec
It is 80% nutrition 20% exercise, 100% what u r eating. Need protein based meals...I am a health coach and have helped create meal plans for post baby weight mommies!