Visualisation/ motivation

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Jan 1, 2014 10:08pm
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When the going gets tough, use the power of the mind to push the body on and when the two connect and the body sees whats in your mind, then the possibilities are limitless. Pain is tempoary, it will eventually subside but only you can decide if pain is replaced by victory or failure in not pursuing your goal or dream. See your goal, go and get it, leave the doubters behind and reach your goal, look back on the pain and say, it was worth it :-) happy new year people. Strong minds strong bodies.

02 Jan
Well said:)
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Jan 2, 2014 5:01am
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I love tht!!!! Tht is beauty of bodybuilding and powerlifting for me the point of complete exahastion u body begging u to stop the adrinaline surge whn body realizes it has no choice but to come along for th ride the mind completly taking over the last reps totally mental the feeling after the rush of ur body accepting and the victory of mental toughness the power of completion we did once more what are own self thought we couldn't do.