Intimidation or motivation

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Jan 2, 2014 2:42am
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Recently was at the gym and saw this real big buff guy working out on weights didn't think much of it till I seen a few smaller guys just starring and starring like he was a naked chick on the beach...I looked at them they seem to be watching his every move...I started thinking mayb they were intimidated but as I thought more about it I started thinking mayb it could be used as motivation....thoughts anyone? .....even from ladies would b nice...

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Jan 2, 2014 2:55am
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They were probably trying to see what sort of workouts he does different to them, so they can find out how to achieve the same results.

02 Jan
Yea so tru..leaning more to motivation
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Jan 3, 2014 3:43pm
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Deadlifting heavy or squatting heavy always gets dudes staring. And then i dont even mention doing olympic lifts.
When others work hard and dont make a fool of themselves (which happends alot) it works motivating. Some guys are dicks no matter if they are buff or skinny and that can be annoying or intimidating.

So imo its more with the attitude someone has over himself. Cuz a skinny dude working hard to get to his goals can be just as motivating as a buff guy deadlifting sick amounts.

And doing stuff thats out of the usuall i-have-no-idea-what-i-am-doing gym visitor routine gets ppl to look haha