Stomach aches after every main meal?

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Jan 6, 2014 4:38pm
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For a few months now I'm suffering pain in my stomach after every main meal I eat. My meals are healthy and I have the right portions. Do anyone else suffer from this and know what it could mean.

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Jan 6, 2014 5:04pm
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You should probably see a doctor. It could be something simple that needs to be treated now to avoid complications.

is there anything you've changed about what you eat in the past few months? A new supplement? A new spice? A new brand? More dairy? More raw veggies? Some things like raw broccoli can cause some people gas...  Did you change water drinking habits? To much water during a meal might affect digestion...

I might try eliminating certain foods one by one, especially anything that is a common allergen or trigger for sensitive stomachs. But see a doctor if at all possible.

06 Jan
I eat less chocolate and no sweets anymore and I don't eat bread unless it's brown or pitta bread. I don't really have rice much unless we order a take out which is hardly ever. I've increased my protein and today I've had 103 grams of it. Is that too much?
07 Jan
I don't think it's too much... What are you eating for protein, though?
09 Jan
Turkey, greek yogurt, chicken, eggs and baked beans
10 Jan
Beans can cause painful gas but i think you would notice if it was gas, yogurt maybe if you have a dairy sensitivity... Chicken and turkey seem neutral but if you eliminate beans and yogurt and still have pain then maybe there's something there... Or it could be a digestive problem with all foods... Who knows...
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Jan 6, 2014 5:06pm
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You may have some sort of mild food intolerance, try experimenting with different foods to see if some make you ache worse than others. Regardless, this may be a question for a doctor and not a workout forum.

06 Jan
Thanks, I've had a lot of protein today aswell so could that cause stomach ache?
06 Jan
I suppose it could be. When we break down protien for energy it leaves behind nitrogen which has to be filterrd out by the kidneys.
28 Jan
I have the same problem I would go days and days without eating . I had to force feed myself till the pain went away . I got over it 15 pounds later.