Insanity day 3..

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Jan 7, 2014 9:45pm
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Pain is weakness leaving the body.. hurt so good this morning but I managed to do the workout. Felt really good afterward. Muscles are tightening up but I just stretch them out or walk around a bit. Just have to keep telling myself pain is good!!!

07 Jan
I'm on my second week of insanity. ...don't worry it gets easier and becomes natural after the 5th day
07 Jan
It feels like it is already kind of lol. At least the warm up works out the soreness at first. But I feel like I am able to do more each day. I hope I am lol
07 Jan
Yah even now my legs core and calls are sore
08 Jan
I just peeked at what tomorrow is. I think I am actually looking forward to it :) it feels so good to stretch lol. I made myself use the stairs instead of the elevator at work today because I knew it would hurt lol.
08 Jan
Well I'm happy for you I hope you reach your goals