Why for FIVE!! When you can't bother ...

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Jan 8, 2014 1:54am
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Some days you just can't find it in you, am I right? Maybe tired, lazy, or just not feeling it. But here's the thing. Only when you feel weak do you find some real strength. And hey, the only workouts we really regret are the ones we miss!!

So here are my five. The five things that I keep in mind about why I work it ;).

1. Eventually it becomes something you crave. A stability of progress in your life.
2. It helps in almost everything else I do. Teaches me work ethic and an understanding of "no pain no gain" that applies to life. Helps me focus, sleep, the list goes on.
3. Endorphins!
4. I will never feel guilty for eating dessert when I want it or that drunk night food.
5. Because I want to love the life I live and who I am. I will forever be playful

What's yours?

08 Jan
6. Remember how many reps/minutes you could complete when you started... Now look at where you are now... Do you want to regress?? No? Well suck it up sissy and GET TO WORK!!! (Well it works for me anyway!! LOL)
09 Jan
Well said.