Insanity day 8

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Jan 12, 2014 5:50pm
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Pre workout post lol. Woke up late (much needed) going to work out later today. Honestly I am also building up the motivation to do it today. I will do it. Just a lazy Sunday and too much going on this morning to get it done yet (my fault for sleeping in lol) but like I said I will do it!!!! How I get motivated when I start to lose it: pinterest instagram and internet. Motivational fitness quotes and pictures work great for me! Really sinks in. What's your way of staying motivated?

12 Jan
Accountability to friends. Where do I look for quotes? I think that would really help me!!!
12 Jan
Anywhere really. On pinterest and Google just search it. Instagram I just searched fitness and insanity and they have their own on there
12 Jan
I have learned to not depend on friends for your workout lol. Yes it does help if you both decide to say meet at a time and place to do something but eventually someone has an excuse and that excuse becomes your excuse. Getting up early is the best way for me to commit. Like today I did not get up early and yes... I still have not done my workout. :( hubby has been watching foot ball all day. But I definitely will before bed tonight. Then I will wake up early tomorrow to workout again.
13 Jan
I did it. I will admit it was not my best performance lol. But I did it. Note to self... Mornings are way easier