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Jan 13, 2014 3:57am
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I am beginning to work out and have no idea how to go about eating. My goal is to lose fat gain some muscle and get perfectly tone. I've been doing beginner type exercises and stretching but have no clue about calorie intake and burning. Any apps that can just tell me what to eat? Haha!

13 Jan
I currently am just beginning the work out process and eating healthy. I have downloaded Noom coach. You put in information about yourself and then each day you add what you have ate and there is a calorie tracker.
15 Jan
@shelby I'm going to try many calories in like a cup and a half or two cups of homemade chicken dumpling soup do you think there is lol. I have no idea
15 Jan
@ Jesus b I just search it on my calorie counter for 2 servings about 320 calories! But it depends on how it is made of course
15 Jan
@Jess B sorry auto correct!!