That Symmetric look.

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Jan 16, 2014 10:37pm
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I have been working out regularly for about 2 years now and I tend to build quicker on my left side. What are so ways I can even this out and keep symmetrical throughout my workouts?

Thanks for the helps guys if you have any good workouts you recommend for me . Follow and post to my page I'll give my input.

16 Jan
man i had that same problem with my traps i started doing more single workouts on my lagging part it help me out alot. just hit the lagging part first
16 Jan
Thanks bro I'll give it a go and yea its mainly all in my traps but I hate the look of it lol
16 Jan
lol no problem homie i love doing traps the most(the rock jhonson got me hook
16 Jan
hows your trap routine? try this :dumbbell drop set shurgs go as heavy as u can for 8 reps, drop 10lbs go for 12 reps,then aim for 15 reps aim for 3 to 4x. do single plate up right rows(laggin part first) oh yeah behind back shurgs also works perfect..
17 Jan
Nice abs but these pectoral muscles need some work.