Insanity day 13

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Jan 18, 2014 3:30am
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Yes! I made it this far! I had an early start for work this morning so I had to do my workout this evening, but I didn't procrastinate! I did it as soon add I got home from work. I hate pure cardio but I like the cardio abs. The one thing I hate the most about any of the cardio exercises is the jumping.. I'm too uncoordinated lol. I can't seem to do them right except the power squats. I kind of like those. I think I would like the cardio a whole lot more if there wasn't any jumping lol. Benefits I have noticed the past almost 2 weeks: better sleep, improved mood (probably because of better sleep) more flexibility, increased stamina, and finally after the first week no more sore muscles (at least not as bad as it was in the beginning lol)

18 Jan
Congratulations good luck on the next 78 days lol the jumping doesn't slow down any
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Jan 18, 2014 6:37pm
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Well girl all that jumping is going to carve up your legs and booty so keep at it, you can always modify the moves that you struggle with so you aren't sacrificing form...the coordination will come to you very soon and you will know the routines as well so can prepare...pure cardio is tough so be PROUD that you are killing it!
18 Jan
Lol I do what I can and Ray when needed then I push on even if it's just one more. That's my biggest issue with the jumping. It screws up my form lol
19 Jan
Rest.. not Ray.. stupid smart phone lol