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Jan 20, 2014 1:06am
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I ride dirt bikes, and I'm wondering if any of you guys race? I'm a girl, almost 18, have been riding since I was 6, and as crazy and stupid as it may sound, I want to make a statement. I know statistically it's too late for me to ever go pro. Also as a girl... I want to race with the boys. Its sounds stupid, but I've dreamed about this since I started riding. I have the motivation to make this work, but my family isn't behind me, and that's my biggest obstacle. The only family that has my back is my grandpa. He owns a motorcycle maintenance shop, and he knows I can do this. I need to get stronger and have more endurance, do you guys have any ideas that could help me out?

20 Jan
Prove them all wrong! As a fellow rider I understand the stereotypes behind riding. A lot more females are getting into it but there are few that do it for the enjoyment and sport for themselves. They do it because their boyfriend does it.
20 Jan
I also race motocross and i have learned that you need a strong core (this helps with balance), upper body strength(to be able to handle the bike), and great cardio(for endurance. Run and ride bicycles). Legs are not as important and will strengthen with cardio workouts. As for your dream of racing, never give up, practice as much as possible, and make your dreams come true for yourself! It will be hard, but keep your head up high and be the best you can be! And always remember to have fun. That's the reason you love it in the first...
20 Jan
Since I was little my grandpa has always told me to be that one girl that looks at the officials at Supercross who tell me I can't ride with the boys and say "watch me"
20 Jan
That would be pretty cool to see you race supercross with the guys. Its always cool for me to see women race and I like that more women are getting into it.
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Jan 21, 2014 6:18am
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Boy or girl
End of the day everyones equal
good luck :)


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