How do you stay motivated?

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Jan 27, 2014 6:02pm
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Hi everyone,

I have taken on my new fitness journey for the 4th time lol. This time I am really doing good sticking to my clean eating and hitting the gym at least 4 times a week. However, in the past I have always fizzled out. This time I need to make this happen! I'm not overweight and I consider myself to have a good body but I am out of shape and have noticed that I am no longer able to do things that came easily to me years ago. I'm only 23 so I should still be at my prime. I used to dance and that kept me in pretty good shape but it's been years. What is your favorite motivation source and how do you keep going day in and out?
27 Jan
I listen to heavy metal. Most people in heavy metal bands are massive beasts, and that inspires me. You need a role model. Someone that does tough things all the time. If you think of them it might be that push you need.
27 Jan
Change up your workouts, don't do the same workouts all the time, get plenty of sleep,don't eat any heavy meals after 6 or 7 pm. Use a calendar reminder on your phone or a large wall calendar with a picture of a body style or type you are looking to achieve(visual motivation) even take a picture of it with your phone and set it as your phone's background
28 Jan
Its mind over matter, u have to be deterimed in the mind, I just think about my health and daughter. Plus being a personal trainer I have no choice lol
28 Jan
Thank you everyone. I'm really feeling healthier and learning to look forward to my workouts and this is he longest I have been consistent so I really want to stay motivated until it becomes a habit