Ugh insanity.... :(

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Jan 30, 2014 6:12am
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:( so I have been totally slacking on waking up early to work out. I am so mad at myself. My kid threw off my whole routine. (Excuses!!!!!) I am however getting him into a really good routine of going to bed on time. 3 nights in a row! So getting rid of that excuse. Hubby wants to start working out with me. Sooo going to start again this weekend. Im not sure if I want too continue insanity or just find some good workouts on here to do.. I found some awesome ones that I may do to mix things up a bit.. I so need to do this though. I was feeling so good I don't know what my problem is!!! Sucky part is this would be my final week of the first half if it hadn't been disrupted

30 Jan
30 Jan
As a personal trainer I haven't tried insanity it doesn't speak to me but importance about fitness is trying new things , if it works for u stick it but try new things, I tried pole dancing at a gym before Xmas first time I did told I was a natural lol
30 Jan
Arrr auto correct meant appeal
30 Jan
And I have a toddler, I left the army before Xmas so if I can tackle army n a kid and now my own business as a personal trainer and a kid then any one can. If u need any tips just give me a shout
30 Jan
Sarah plzzz give ur contact number
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Jan 30, 2014 11:39am
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You are very lucky that your husband wants to workout with you. I would love that. I've tired to get mine to for years, finally gave up. I just started adding a morning workout along with an afternoon workout. I have a little one myself. I know exactly what you are talking about. We all need support. Especially me trying to do this alone. (No friends that live close will workout with me either)
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Jan 30, 2014 11:56am
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Complete the last week of the 1st half of insanity. Push ur self to do it even if took u 2 weeks to complete. And Then try something knew. If you want to return back to insanity just pick up from where u have ended & in ur case it will be the second phase of insanity. Of course having a little obstacle (ur toddler) makes your exercising routine a bit hard. I have a toddler my self & it's not easy.  You have to be flexible as much as u can

31 Jan
We have set a date for Sunday lol even if he doesn't get up with me I told him to kick my ass out of bed. I think we are all caught up on sleep now. I know why not now right? For me setting a time and day to start helps me to commit. Setting my mind to it ya know? I might do as suggested to finish where I left off. Also considered starting over. I was only 2 weeks into it. Not like it would hurt lol. Also thinking about doing part insanity part workout trainer to...

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