Elbow plank posture

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Jan 31, 2014 6:05pm
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Does this exercise work on the abdomen aswell? When holding the plank posture, do i raise my butt or hips upward towards the sky like a sea horse to put pressurre on the abdomen?

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Jan 31, 2014 11:21pm
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Head should be aligned with shoulders, shoulders with the hips, hips with knees and knees with feet. like a line down your body

31 Jan
Yes, Jason is right, but, additional to that, you should also suck in your abs, as though you're trying to squeeze your belly button through to your back bone. All of that, then, will seriously work your abs.
01 Feb
Yup. When I train my clients, one of the first things I tell them is to always tighten your stomach for every exercise, like if someone is about to punch you. While you do that, tighten your glutes at the same time and that should align your spine