Serious Mental Challenge

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Feb 5, 2014 12:35am
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I would like to challenge everyone who is exercising for weight loss to erase the fat talk from your vocabulary
-we often put ourselves down when we shouldn't
-this is bad for our mental health
-lets be healthy on the inside and out!
-look up
-Maybe the way you think about yourself will change.
-Good luck to everyone on their journey!

Thank you.

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Feb 5, 2014 2:29am
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Fat talk???? A word is only as powerful as the mind allows it to be....the word " fat" it more correct to say "overweight " or "obese" ?  they are synonyms To say a " word" is unhealthy is just as ridiculous  to say as if I were to say my refrigerator should be thrown away because its unhealthy...its not the "word" nor the"  refrigerator " but its the choice of "thoughts " u allow in your mind or the choice of "food" that you place inside your refrigerator that is healthy or thoughts to the word "fat " is a adjective that describes a person. It could be a hurtful word tht pushes someone down or it good be a word tht propells a person forward.. its how you take the word and what thoughts you entertain whn you hear the "word" we can't eliminate words because of our thoughts toward them and be magically healthy but can change how we respond to words and the thoughts we think whn we hear thm and tht is healthy...Not easy seeing as some words I dnt like to hear but its something to work on and exercise just as I wud anything else

05 Feb
Saying ths after recent battle of being called a certain word... tho I'm not it still hurts just like always... being called names does hurt but we can eliminate thm frm our vocabularies besides their will always be anther word come up in its place tht means exactly the samething
05 Feb
Suppose to say can't eliminate them