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Feb 10, 2014 9:46pm
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What do u think about my sport program, i pay so much for this program ;))) is it good?)

Program for sunday and wensday
1: elliptical- 10 min
2: treadmill- 10 min
3: bicycle- 10 min
4:lunges with barbell on step (20#12#2*20)
5:Cable-inner- thighs (3* 20)
6: lunges smitt machine- single leg (3*20)
7: lunges on treadmill (10 min)
8: leg hamestring curls- single leg(20#2*12)
9:Leg laying hamestring curls(20#3*12)
10: smith machine squats( 3*12)
11: push ups(3*12)
12:seated hammer dumbbell biceps arms (3*20)
13:upside barbell biceps arms(3*20)
14: abs exercise plate twists(3*20)
15:treadmill (10 min fast)

Program B for Tuesday and Thursday
1: treadmill with Dumbbell (10 min)
2: Dumbbell Chest(3*12)
3: top chest smitt( open hands)
4:back lats with cable (15#3*12)
5: shoulder deltoid press Intermittent(15#3*12)
6: shoulder dumbbell Posted Bend(3*12)
7: shoulder barbell press from back (3*12)
8: bicycle (10 min)
9: treadmill (10 min)
10: Triceps parallel flat foot long table( 3*15)
11: cable biceps(3*15)
12: cable triceps(3*15)
13: Abs crunch machine(3*20)
14: treadmill fast (10 min)

10 Feb
I am learning treating to billed up to my gold lose my weight thou this week
10 Feb
You will be looking even better in no time :)
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Feb 10, 2014 10:00pm
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I am learning to be more active thou week to see if get down my nomer weight to,

10 Feb
Very good, good luck :)
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Feb 11, 2014 12:00am
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I go to try work on it by nexst week the warther it going be lot warmer then today

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Feb 11, 2014 4:16am
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Overall pretty good except not used to seeing biceps being worked all the time c number11 Tuesday and Thursday the main think do u enjoy it if not u be hard press to stick with it in the long term

11 Feb
Honey B. This programs are so hard, each of them take 3 hours to do, now i have pain on my muscles and cant sit and get up easy, but its ok, i like when its hard to do ;))


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