Having elbow mainly tricep pain!

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Feb 23, 2014 3:43pm
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Hi friends !! I have been doing workout like 3 months in gym. Suddenly from last 4 days am having pain in my left hand elbow .. And upper level of that mainly when i do weight lifting it hurts or when stretching my hand.. Can anyone help what is the problem
24 Feb
I had the same problem. Stretch before ur workout. Stretch that part of the body a lot. Just warm up before going into a hard session. I used to start workin out hard from the beginning. Now i aleays warm up before. Jump rope. Jumping jack. Try
25 Feb
Ok thanks for the advice ! I think i found out why is the pain .. It happened after doing bicep pump with cable
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Feb 24, 2014 3:16pm
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Definitely stretch really good before and after u lift , another thing is u might want to dumb down the weight u r using for awhile , I was stupid n ended up having to have surgery , I tore my muscle from the tendon !!!   How much rest r u giving that muscle group before u work it out again ?
25 Feb
One day.. Ok last month routine was divided into day 1 and day2. One day tricep and bicep day 2 was back and chest. So i used to get rest for oneday. But today i took new routine. Which is 4 days that means i will get good rest so which one i should follow ??
25 Feb
I follow a 3 day rule per muscle group , which I've researched n is the standard of most , it has done wonders for me!

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