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Mar 11, 2014 10:48pm
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Am i the only one that will never get used to burpees No matter what workouts i do burpees are the only one that get me tired the fastest.

11 Mar
I love burpees hard but affective :-)
11 Mar
I find that true hard but effective.
11 Mar
Had a silly grammatical error. Thank you for clearing that up. Lol every time you come up after a rep breathe, also do them in sets like 25×4 (purely example) and give yourself rests. A while ago I had completed 100 but got ill and not sure how many I do these days but I merely chose burpee workouts.
11 Mar
I can do 30 straight before i get tired but it seem like those 30 go like 2min or less .i can do pullups for 2min n still want be as tired as burpees
12 Mar
I hate them!:(