Claiming skimble back from facebook metamorphosis to fitness

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Mar 12, 2014 11:18am

I totally understand that this app has a social networking function and that's fine. I do however find it frustrating that there seem to be increasingly fewer forums that are exercise related. Everytime I click onto forums I have to trawl past multiple forums that have nothing to do with health or fitness before I find something interesting from a fitness point of view. It seems to me that the forums are a distraction from exercising for the vast majority of skimble users who post on them.

Do you agree? Should we claim skimble back for fitness? Or am I just being whiny?

12 Mar
I completely agree but sometimes after a hard work out my mind wanders to craziness :-)
12 Mar
I hear you. I basically stopped reading them. Maybe a better way to sort or filter? The 'post by category' approach isnt working all that well...
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Mar 13, 2014 3:38pm
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How are they a distraction from exercising??? Lol if we allow the little things to distract us weather be something like exerciseing or something more important in life we are not going to get very far... big things delay a train but its the little things tht derail it... I couldnt care less what people talk about weather its fitness or anything else ...personally most of the fitness stuff since I've first started skimble has always been the same questions over and over and over and over nothing really deep or exiciting..unless u can get a good conversation going bout physiology...or workout stratgies or training principles but their has never been much of tht...but their has been a lot of great people who share their thoughts their support for one anther and even seen arguements turn to friendships...culture and opinion differences overcome and sometimes are breath of fresh air frm forums like how do my abs look... sorry for long post I'm not good at condensing my thoughts

13 Mar
You are actually pretty good at expressing. Covered almost everything I wanted to say. I just wanted to add that we are social animals. And after a hard workout who doesn't want to relax a bit. Just loved your response.
14 Mar
We don't see eye to eye on this. But I appreciate your contribution.
15 Mar
Excellent response Hannah. Very well put.