Fitness books (if anyone reads!)

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Mar 12, 2014 7:36pm
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Recently I've been reading a lot of fitness & exercising regiments books especially about kettlebell training. I've read pavel's Russian kettlebell challenge & Enter the Kettlebell. I also read Tracy Reifkind's the swing & I've just started her Swings progression program & I definetly recomend her book as well as pavel Tsatsouline's books if you are interested in kettlebells.
I read some of "yoga for dummies". But when it comes to yoga I like doing rather than reading lol.
For diet books I read mayoclinic's diet & the warrior's dier weight loss plan (the small book). But I can't recommend the mayoclinic's one because I haven't put to action to see results. But it gives a good idea about dietary units, servings & calories & how to estimate them.
I'm still new to the warrior's diet, but in general it's like intermittent fasting (or is it intermitten fasting)

What fitness books have you read & recomend?

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Mar 17, 2014 12:07pm
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Not really sure if it really counts as a workout book, but 4 Hour Body is an interesting read
17 Mar
Yes it's a very good book. It's from there that I knew about Tracy Reifkind's story & was interested to read her book the Swing! & I'm now applying her methods to lose weight =)