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Mar 14, 2014 6:09pm
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Need tips to prevent cravings for unhealthy foods !!!!!

14 Mar
Good luck with that. I will crave ice cream and 97% dark cocoa chocolate candy bars. I allow some once in awhile, if I don't pretty sure I would just give up.:-) good luck just remember you need to burn those calories too.:-)
14 Mar
Welcome girl
14 Mar
Don't give up everything quickly. Slowly reduce all the bad stuff and you will crave less. Welcome by the way :-)
15 Mar
Make ur preferance scale.. Writing d thing u crave d most n is unhealthy at d top.. N leave an item in a week n the next move to d next item avoiding it d whole week wid the first month...n wat ive noticed is once u start doing alot of workout... U urself wont like to eat u wont want all ur hardwork go in vain.. So increase ur workout time or intensity n leave a craving at a time
15 Mar
Ok u must have not got wat my first half of the text mean... Lemme give u an eg... If ur cravings are say cheese, potato, rice n desserts then 1 st week dont eat cheese ; 2 nd week dont eat cheese n potato ;3 rd cheese n potato n rice n so on