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Mar 15, 2014 11:44pm
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Hello my name is Shannon.
As. Child I was average weight, as a teen I played every sport I could I was very thin n tone. When I was 17 I got sick with a heart condition. My doctor told me I couldn't play sports anymore n working out had to be light. My heart dropped as he uttered this sentence .

I tried to still do it all, I didn't. Believe him. He wasn't lyeing though my heart rate would get to high n I would have to stop before I got sick or passed out.

My condition was rare called dysautonomia. I had to take steroids which didn't help my weight cause.

It was difficult going from thin n active to watching in the sidelines.

What felt like forever about a 2 years go I would have been 21, I started working out again, n noticed I wasn't as sick as I used to be.

I ended up in about a year span going from 220lbs- 125 lbs.

I NEVER thought it could be done.

Cardio was what I did to lose a lot of my weight. Walking n later on running.

Don't be discouraged & don't go to hard to fast.

Even something as insignificant as walking the dog or walking up the street instead of driving Will help.

Make small goals like lose 5 lbs this week, or be able to walk a mile in 10 minutes without stopping.

I learned replacing my meals with a protein shoe did help. I would workout in the morning drink one for breakfast n snack lightly throughout the day n eat a nice healthy dinner.

Stay positive n Don't get down on yourself if you pig out, skip a workout, or even gain weight.
Remember muscle is heavier than fat.

Lastly tracking my work n pictures helped me see it was working. It was my own sense of motivation.

Also I bought things a size or 2 too small n when I fit into it, it was th MOST AMAZING feeling in the entire world.

If I can do it anyone can.

Keep your heads up, no matter what shape or size beauty can be found in anyone.

15 Mar
Wow amazing work there. Keep at it. I've lost over three stones in onw year. And still dropping. Hopefully 2015 goal weight will be reached.
16 Mar
Thank you it was hard but we'll worth it. Motivate yourself to be dedicated. NEVER give up
16 Mar
Hard work pays off right girl? Your bdy has really changed. Its really great that your health is much better.I use 2 weigh 195 pnds and went down two 101 pnds within a year .And iam 5'2 so when i got two 101 pnds. I decided 2 go back up two be in a healthy weight. Cuz at 101 pnds i really look like i waz now iam at 132 pnds
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Mar 16, 2014 3:46am
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I defiantly agree at one point I was too thin. I like to be 130 but I try to not be over 135 or less than 125.