Born with one arm!

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Mar 25, 2014 1:53am
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Hey there! My name is Ashley and I was born missing my right arm! How can I strengthen my right side? Any suggestions? (:

25 Mar
Well girl u r truly inspireing. We sometimes say we cant do this and that. When actually we can. And u girl r so strong and not having a arm u r still willing 2 workout it shows us that u r brave and strong.the only thing i can say is wow wow is be safe and keep up the great work.hope thiz helpz abit
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Mar 25, 2014 5:42am
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You have 2 arms in your profile pic?
Not to mention you are holding the phone in the missing right arm?
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Mar 25, 2014 9:24am
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Hi Ashley,
I was a little confused by your pictures too. Then I realized they are both taken in a mirror and the camera is in your left hand.
I am assuming that you are not missing your entire arm, but you are missing your hand and part of your forearm. You don't have the ability to grab any dumbbells or bars which is the challenge you face.
I applaud you for wanting to work through it.

Working upper body is all about push/pull with different arm angles.
With that in mind, have you tried making a strap that can hook over your arm and attach the other end to a weight or cable? You could do curls, shoulder presses, flys, chest presses, rowing. Dozens of others if you get creative. Or, you can have a good friend or family member hold your arm to give resistance as you do the exercise. You could do pushups with a padded spacer that makes up the lenght difference in your arms. Try them from your knees if there is too much pressure.
Good luck!

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Mar 25, 2014 1:36pm
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Oh yeah sorry a lot that guys, I'm missing the lower half of my arm. Those are all good ideas thank you for the help!!