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Apr 7, 2014 6:39pm
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I have been working out and have lost weight.. im not big im mainly trying to just tone my body but have to drop what fat i do have to get results to show

My question is though.. what can i do to keep my butt slightly big.. i dont want a "tiny" butt any advice?

07 Apr
Squats, wall sits, lunges, hack squats, and deep leg presses
07 Apr
Honestly this is going to sound crazy but junk food! Junk food makes you butt big and juicy! What I would do if I were you is eat some junk food and do cardio and work out abs and arms and legs but not your butt. Working out your ass only makes it smaller!:,( trust me, my ass used to be huge but since ive been working out and stopped eating junk food it got smaller. Its still big but not as big as it used to be. Plus working out makes your butt muscular and I think thats unattractive...
08 Apr
That junk food advice will give you a big butt... and belly and arms and legs. If you want the muscle (glutes) to be bigger you have to work it through squats, donkey kick backs, bridge/ floor pelvic thrusts, lunges, etc. Also, it takes time. Building muscle takes a lot longer than many people think. And your but should still have squish because although the muscles are bigger you will probably still have a layer of fat over it
08 Apr
I used to eat junk food and got a huge ass and worked out everything else and I was tone everywhere but my ass. And thats from experience if you look at my pics you can see. Its up to you! Either work out your ass and have a small but muscular butt or don't work it out and have a bubble butt and a nice ass body like me!(:
08 Apr
Working the muscles and not eating junk food made my butt rounder and the rest of me slim. Not every body is the same. Eating junk food may have worked for you but it may end up shaping her body in a bad way and messing with how her body feels on the inside (which is more important). Health first, vanity second.
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Apr 10, 2014 10:19pm
via iOS
Do squats! I combinate them with bridge and lunges

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