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Apr 8, 2014 6:36pm
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Ok people, school and work has consumed my life, but school will be over in a few weeks. I need a good plan where I can make the quickest progress of losing weight and toning up before Mid June. I'm being bridesmaids in a few weddings one being in Key West, so I'm trying to look good in a bikini. :) Can't wait to hear your suggestions!
08 Apr
How is your diet?
09 Apr
Currently unhealthy, whatever I can whip up real quick.
09 Apr
Well you know that's not helping you! !
09 Apr
I know... Any quick healthy meals or snack suggestions?
09 Apr
I'll message you.
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Apr 8, 2014 7:12pm
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I think that you have to do every day :
• 10 mins jogging for warm up
Abs, Push Ups (not many sets, about 2 sets • 10 push ups) and Exercises for legs
• (Finally) 4-5 mins running (slow, just to relax)
And a little stretching again   
That it is a good idea I think... (But don't forget! This is just for the wedding in which you will be in a bikini...)

08 Apr
No. Lol I will be in a dress, but I'm taking a vacation that whole week, in which I will be in a bikini on the beach. Thanks for the workout plan! I will try it out. :)
09 Apr
I just thought that the after wedding party would be a pool party... Anyway ! Have fun and I hope that you will be wonderful. I'm not a coach but I'm an athlete and I think that this program will be a good idea. If it isn't..