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Apr 15, 2014 4:23am
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15 Apr
22 Apr
Hey, just wondering if you could suggest exercises to get a round butt. From the side my butt it's big but from the back it's as flat as a wall. It looks like two squares stuck together. I want to grt it round by May 20 th .. Any suggestions? I tried 100 squats a day for 3 weeks.and seen not one bit of results..
23 Apr
Hi alexis Its not Only exercise That could Give u rounder bum Also u would need to include good fat in ur diet flaxseed/udos/and omega 3-6-9 U need That to put more mass on Im doing That diet for Only 5 weeks and can say my bum got way bigger Than it was before I do legs twice a week Monday and thursday Could send u my exercise plan over to u But like i sad it really Depends on what u eat too xx