i want a better me... Need motivation help (give and take situation)

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Apr 24, 2014 5:39am
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Alright folks short version I had 4 surgeries in 6 years and was completely bed ridden the majority of the time. It took me a year to manage sitting up on the sofa for 10 hours and walking to the fridge for food.

Before everything I weighed 98lbs I'd always been tiny. After all the surgeries and lack of exercise I was 135 and it was NOT pretty. As of April 23 I weight 120 (a year of exercise to get that)

My goal is not to lose pounds or get skinny... I want to build stamina... Trade my fat for lean muscle. End goal is to look in the mirror and think 'she's stunning' as opposed to 'she needs a diet'

Let's motivate each other to reach our goals keep on each other when we look like were not keeping up

24 Apr
We all need motivation- im in:-)