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May 6, 2014 9:39pm
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Well like mostly everyone here, I want to loose weight. I have never counted calories I consume, I have done one other diet before with was no carbs at all it worked very well, within a week I saw the difference but you couldn't do excersise and when I did I would get dizzy.. anyways I'm trying to count my calories so I can still eat fruits and vegetables etc and have a well balanced diet and still be able to excercise.. I've never done it soo any tips? Thank you beforehand :). By the way I really like this app the support is awsome thanks guys ! Thanks my followers for the awsome advise.. everything in the app is very nice except for one thing, not very good explanations!! It bothers me very much because I dont know some of these excersises! Hopefully they fix it. And I feel bad that I dont do excersise with this app and I really dont have points :/. But I do go to my 5 days a week aerobics classes and I also use another free app with has videos that shows exactly how the excersises are done :). So I'm not slacking k . Thanks again my friends and everyone else who took the time to read this long ass paragraph lol. Kisses! Let's kick ass!!

07 May
Ok, so off the top of my head, a few things that really help with weight loss is never skipping meals! Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Its basically going to get your metabolism going early and enhance weight loss. Another thing you can do is switch your dinner for your lunch. Often times, we eat a light (if any) lunch, and a big dinner. Try to eat a big lunch and a lighter dinner. You need carbs for energy; you don't need carbs to sleep. Also, its going to help you get hungry in the...
07 May
Thank you very much Tiana M! I really do appreciate the advice, I'm going to try and do just that it's extremely good advice every little helps, thanks for taking the time to respond your awesome :D
07 May
Glad I could help! I'm currently a physical ed and health major and after finals I plan to take the certification test to be a personal trainer, so this actually helps me a lot too!!! Good luck & you're awesome too!!!
07 May
Thank you bunches! :D that's very cool good luck on that I'm sure you're going to be an awesome personal trainer. Thanks again for the advise to this newbie, I'm so ready to loose some weight! :)
07 May
Hello Sandy, what app do you use?

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