Please help me!!

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May 8, 2014 5:07pm
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All right... So ive plenty of my friends who have successfully lost 10-20 kgs of weight!!! When even i ask them how u achieved ur goal they say we consumed a lot of green tea and did workout. I dont get it that at what time i should consume green tea and what is the best time for work out. To be honest iam very lazy i dont like to work out i love to sleep as much as i can .. Please help me . With rapid gaining of weight iam getting prone to diseases as well .

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May 8, 2014 5:38pm
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Hi Chahat, having weight loss as a goal never worked for me. It took a long time and lots of failed diets to realise this! What worked for me was a shift in attitude and a long term commitment to eating healthy and being more active. What also helped was doing it gradually rather than 'starting on Monday'. Finding healthy foods that fit into your lifestyle may take time to get right so do it gradually and you'll be less likely to give up. Good luck

08 May
Thank you so much :-)
16 May
Great advice Neil! The first change starts from within. My weight always fluctuated as a teenager. So you can imagine the internal body image issues I had as a young woman. Just stay motivated. And don't only let the mirror motivate you, because if that worked, I'd have a six pack by now. ;) Let the energy boost and the guide you through it.
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May 9, 2014 10:24am
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Well best time for green tea for me is any time between lunch and dinner.
And as for weight loss u need to b more active or at least if u start eating clean u will gradually lose weight after all that's the main reason for weight gains.

09 May
Thank you :-)
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May 11, 2014 7:12pm
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Hey,i take green tea during all the day,i make my super big cup in the morning and after i just add some water.and i drink little by little whole day. For some people it is not recommended to drink it some time before bed because you can be toned up but for me it does not work,i sleep well anyway.and watch your calories.just take sime longer walks if you dont like to work out.for me this works.lost 10kgs and trying to lose another 10.good luck!
21 May
Waoh great.. Keep it up