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May 9, 2014 4:12am
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Hi everyone, some background information on me that relates to this post: Im 19 years old , names luke , I suffer from very mild cerebral palsy (basically my right side of my body is affected causing weakness in my right arm and hand, also I walk mostly on my toes with my right foot. ) I had a tendon operation which I have "recovered" from. So I used to be obsessed with exercise but series of reasons stopped me from doing any exercise and since the operation I havent felt motivated to exercise. What have you guys done to keep youself motivated? Im slowly getting back to exercise I have one of these lift bars on the way. I intend to do a workout involving the bar and sit/push ups. My end goal is to have a 6 pack. I know they are over rated but I see it as a great goal. Problem here is I dont know what home cardio I can do.. Any advice and exercises are appreciated.

09 May
Motivation usually comes after you start exercising. Do little thing to start exercising, then motivation will come. Even if the least you can do is pace around the room , every little bit helps