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May 22, 2014 3:34pm
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Im going to start doing meal prep for the week. I plan on baking chicken and prepping some veggies to go with. What are good veggies that I can prep that will hold up for a week? Or which ones should I use first? Will the chicken last through the week or am I going to have to prep more often? Best ways to prep? Meal plan ideas? How many meals a day should I aim for?

Im new to healthy eating and I need all the advice and tips I can get. Ive been a fast food junkie for my entire 27 years. I need help!

22 May
Hello Rebecca :) In my opinion the more you let food into the fridge, the less it will give you all the nutrients it has on its inside. I think the best solution is to cook chicken and using it for the following 2/3 days. Then cook another for the last days of the week. You could use chicken breast: as long as they are the most dry part of chicken they will last in a better way. You can buy tomatoes and salads that will last in your fridge for the whole week and you can mix them at...
22 May
Ps if you bake the whole chicken you should eat all the parts except breast before, then you can eat breast that will last more ;)