Working mom needs workout buddy/motivator

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Jun 2, 2014 12:20am
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Hey guys!

I'm a working mom with an almost-three-year-old boy. I'd love any ideas that anyone has for being active with my son. He loves the pool, but can't yet swim. Anyone else find it so hard to work, play with a kid, and still get in shape? Weight is 140 ish and goal is 115 (I'm REALLY short!)

So excited to hear from you!
Karen S

02 Jun
Hi, I have a 5yr old as of yesterday and I run around the playground while she plays or just run in place while I'm watching her read or watch tv. While folding clothes, I stand on my tippy toes to tone my calf muscles & while at work on break I do 30 squats in the restroom. Hope this helps. Also jumping jacks help build my heart rate when I can fit in cardio