SIX pack! :D

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Jun 4, 2014 12:17pm
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I wanna know how long would it take to make six packs! ?? I hope not too long !!!

04 Jun
In order for a girl to have visible abs you must be below 20% body fat. But also you must eat right, that plays a huge role. And it all depends on how badly you want them, I've seen it happen any where between 3 months-6 months that you could get them.
04 Jun
Thnx but what do u mean by below 2o% body fat?
04 Jun
Your body fat, the amount of fat in your body, needs to be at least 20%. You can find body fat percentage calculators online that will help with determining yours. You basically will have to take lots of measurements
04 Jun
Ahaa thank u so much Brianna:)
05 Jun
I'm almost to a first section of abs. Took me a month and half.