Need A Plan

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Jun 10, 2014 10:16pm
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So I'm overweight and it's hard for me to workout. I also have very little space. I was thinking I could weigh 199 before I start working out. What do y'all think my plan should be?

10 Jun
You should start walking and do cardio and eat veggies cut out your sweets and drink plenty of water
10 Jun
The most important part is being healthy eating clean will help that but to diet without doing some sort of exercise is not the best way you need to figure out what you really want your goals to be make a plane and don't steer from that plan except for if you get sick or hit your goal .good luck
10 Jun
Always be positive never get down on yourself because you didn't meet a certain goal keep working
17 Jun
Start dieting and doing long walks and once u lost a few pounds U can do cardio (treadmill, ellyptical, byke etc...) Stick on a healthy diet, usually 1500 kcals not more not less. More vegs and fruit, dont forget proteins: chicken, turkey, beaf, eggs, beans, cheese...) And carbs (potatoes, pasta, corn, rice, bread) but dont exceed with them! As for dressing use olive oil or coconut oil. No butter! Good luck. See a dietician for better and personalised advice