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Jun 11, 2014 5:16pm
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I want to hear any success stories for losing weight or gain muscle. How did you do it? What kept you motivated? Did you take any supplements? What type of diet? What was your success? And any advice?
I am hoping this forum helps ppl to keep trying if they hear it can be done.

11 Jun
I started at 150 (9 lbs overweight for me) and started trying to loose it a few weeks ago I'm 145 now! You can do it just change a few things like instead of whole eggs eat eggwhites they're fat free and less calories. Also green tea is great and try to keep dryed fruit and nuts around for snacks. Fat free yogurt is good and has lots of protein. Also chicken breast and turkey are the leanest meats :). Im part of a challenge you should join. Its the post that says june to august challenge anyone? We're posting...
11 Jun
I will try it. I am in the same position as you I weigh 150 been working out for a month no results. I think it is interesting and motivating to hear other ppls stories. I will try to find the forum
11 Jun
Yeah I dieted but didnt work out then I started doing both and it worked. Most of them are trying to loose 30 pounds by august 21st but my goal is 20. Its posted by brian e. K.
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Jun 11, 2014 5:26pm
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I didnt use to be a whole lifting guy I use to be a laid back, lazy guy who played video games all day until I gave up videogames at the end of 8th grade I started working out a lot and I pushed myself through everything leaving to know that I was only 135 pounds freshmen year then over time I gained fat and this wasent what I wanted and I was 147 pounds but mostly fat. That's when almost the end of my freshmen year I got serious with my workout and starting lifting more often I took mass gainer for a while and after almost 2-3 years the end of my sophomore year I weigh 149 pounds and lost fat and gained more muscle then I did freshmen year I thought it wasn't possible for me but I did have a lot of sacrifices like soda, fried foods and junk but t was worth it and I never ate any junk after what improvement I saw and I'll never eat junk again l. So don't give up on changeing yourself cause it took me 2-3 years to get what o wanted but I Still want to be better and I'm still working out to this day.