How do you stay on track when your out of town?

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Jun 14, 2014 7:37pm
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My older brother is getting married....yay :) My older brother has been living in Ontario, Canada for about 14 years. He met his now fiancée through work. The wedding is set for next month. My folks and I will be in Canada for about 4 days. The special dinner before the wedding is going to be a Greek restaurant. I'm not sure what is gonna be served on the wedding day.., I think it's gonna be a buffet. I want to keep staying on track as far as calories go. Any tips on choosing clean food?
14 Jun
Then just don't eat the sweets and things that look unhalthy to you. Still, if you do, you might make others feel a bit... well, a bit weird. As in they are eating and tasting everything and you are choosing... you can always loose the weight when you gwt back home, but if you really want to keep track, then choose the salads, a bit of meat and so on.
14 Jun
I'm generally not a picky eater but ever since I started myfitnesspal, my body doesn't like simple carbs: sweet or salty. On the night of the dinner, I'll stick to fish and the wedding day I'll go with fruits and veggies. Good thing it's buffet :)
14 Jun
That's good :) Hope I helped a bit...
14 Jun
You did thanks :)
14 Jun
Any time!
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Jun 14, 2014 7:46pm
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So ypu want to eat the healthy food out of the buffet, right?

14 Jun