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Jun 15, 2014 4:25am
I've been using this app for a few weeks now and I've been trying to diet but lately I haven't been motivated to keep up with anything. I'm 17 years old and my entire family isn't helping me through this at all. I use to be in a happy weight rang 2 years ago but I ended up having chest problems and wasn't able to workout how I use to. I'm all better now and how I can stay this way. I don't know how to get motivated again and to try to convince my parents and sisters of a heather lifestyle. Please help!
15 Jun
Glad to hear youre all better! I actually was the only one with a healthy lifestyle in my fam dor about 5 months and now my sis my mom are doing a herbalife diet with me and my dad is now eating healthier! Something I would look into is herbalife! Well, in my opinion you should, hope this helps...just persevere even though they dont want to
15 Jun
What helps me is posting pictures of my dream body on my mirrors so I see them when I wake up. And buying a smaller super cute outfit helps motivate me too. Hope this helps
15 Jun
Thanks guys. This does help me a lot :)