Lower ab training

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Jun 17, 2014 2:32am
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I know there are plenty of activities that go towards lower abs but I can't seem to get a grip to bring them out & it really hurts my back to do all these crunches, do I have to work on something else to make that affect on my lower abs? Please help

17 Jun
Diet has to be on point try low carb diet no cheat meal for a month straight and u will see results
17 Jun
That makes a lot of sense, I've never cared about my diet before since I always had my high metabolism to balance me out, thank you
17 Jun
Yeah no problem :) that will most likely give u what u want try more intense cardio with it
17 Jun
I also forgot to say if you already have the fat gone you need to build that muscle alot to make them show diet will get rid of fat if your good on that start building muscle there leg raises and all that :)