Rest day blues

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Jun 21, 2014 1:17am
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Does anyone feel bad when their program calls for a rest day and your thinking I don't need to rest I need to get rid of this fat and tone these muscles I am doing a 30 day abs plus a the Billy's before bed time burner plus jogging for 10 mins plus a stretch workout exercise that I created (by the way check that out I always feel amazing afterwards) then you have that meal at a restaurant you prolly shouldn't have and you feel miserable and sick at yourself like you have quit :( ready for tomorrow so rest day will be over
21 Jun
I'm supposed to have a rest day today but I only got up half an hour to go and I'm looking at what exercises I can do... Makes me restless to think I won't do anything.
21 Jun
Bodyweight , yoga , stretch workouts
21 Jun
Thanks guys I got up and did my quick morning thing I feel better
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Jun 24, 2014 2:37pm
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Restday is always fock! But @ the end you will need it!! Time to recover and get new energy! * altrough sometimes i just loooks u dont need it!* lolzzz