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Jun 22, 2014 2:22am
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to eliminate a bloated stomach. For the most part I have a flat tummy but as soon as I down water and I'm standing straight and relaxed you can tell there's been a major expansion in my stomach I assume it's just bloating because in the AM I don't have this issue. PLEASE HELP!

22 Jun
I have the same issue. Fine in the morning, bloatedmin afternoon/evening. I've got meds to help cuz according to my doctor I have ibs. In general though, I think water does help. It bloats you at first but if youndrink plenty, it'll to down again. I find fruit helps (mainly grapes for me). Everyone is different though. I've been trying to figure out what I can and can't have for about a year now.
24 Jun
I think I might make an?appointment and start with consuming more tea. Have you ever tried tea and found that it works?