Swimming for cardio?

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Jul 3, 2014 6:11am
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I have a bad heart so I can't do a lot of cardio and a 15 minute walk is my maximum but I can get in the pool and tread water for an hour no problem.... Would this be good enough cardio if I'm trying to eliminate fat on thighs and the stubborn belly pooch every girl hates

03 Jul
Swimming for cardio might be the best there is. Go for it, if you can swim up and down the lane that would be even better. Mix in the different strokes as well. Just keep swimming! Good luck!
03 Jul
Lift heavy weights for your cardio . burns fat , makes you lean
03 Jul
Swimming is awesome!! Do what you can that is comfortable for u
04 Jul
I used to swim laps and I was very skinny! Yes it's great you're sweating more than you think when you swim. Plus if you swim laps you can hold on to floating things with your arms to specifically use only your legs.