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Jul 6, 2014 11:03pm
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I plan on doing squats for a while to tone my butt. How many do y'all think I should do?

06 Jul
I'm doing a 100 squats a day for 2 weeks challenge. Start small and work your way up.
12 Jul
I would avoid all those two week challenges just for the fact of if you don't give your body the rest it needs especially as a beginner you can actually end up enjoying your muscles by not allowing them to repair sufficiently. To start off I would recommend anywhere from 20 to 30 repetitions per set and maybe you could do about 4 to 5 sets throughout the day but then make sure you take a day off to rest and recuperate
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Jul 7, 2014 12:37am
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At home or gym? With or without weight?

07 Jul
At home and without weight
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Jul 7, 2014 1:49am
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Ok then if it is for toning try: 10 sets of 20 to 30 reps . U can also add some sets of lunges & jump squat

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Jul 7, 2014 7:02am
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If its all just bodyweight. Then just squats wont do alot of difference.

They will work ur leggs a bit. But wont help ur hamstring or but alot.

I would suggest you do some more work, which will prove to be alot more effective in the end.

Squats 3 sets of 15/20. Deep and slow squats. Dont go for speed or w/e go for tension.

3 sets of atleast 10 steps a legg.

Glute bridges.
3 sets of 1 minute.

Hip thrusters
3 sets of 1 minute.

This is still pretty basic work. Because all is done without weights. But atleast it gives enough tension to build some leggs. If its too much to start with. Lower the reps. And build all the reps and times up over time. Im sure in 2/3 weeks you can do alot more. Then itd probably alrdy time to think of a way to add some kind of weight in.

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Jul 7, 2014 6:25pm
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Send pics of your butt to give you an acurated answer.


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