I bought a scale

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Jul 7, 2014 7:25pm
via Android

So I bought a scale that has bluetooth capability. You download an app and ur weight is saved along with a few other stats: bone density, water, Etc. I need to "see" my progress in numbers because sometimes I don't see the damage I'm doing with all the bad food I eat. I'm starting on Wednesday. I hope this helps me in my journey to drop weight!

07 Jul
Take it back and buy a tape measure. Weight is meaningless and not a good indication of health. Unless your BMI points to obese, even still tape measure and measure 2-3 weeks with a photo. Body weight changes too much on any given day/hour.
09 Jul
I'm also going to be taking measurements as I go along. The scale also measures BMI, fat percentage and water weight. I think seeing all the progress; whether good or bad, is necessary for me. Sometimes when my clothes feel a bit looser, I tend to give in to my cravings for "bad" food and I don't notice the weight gain until my clothes are snug again. Thanks for your advice though. I appreciate it