Motivation is key

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Jul 11, 2014 9:20pm
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I am needing motivation to keep on this journey of weight loss. How are some of you keeping motivated?

12 Jul
Looking at pictures of people who've lost weight is a big help with my motivation! Seeing how others have accomplished so much inspires me. If I'm ever not feeling like doing anything thats what I do. I automatically get up and keep pushing forward. :) Hope it helps you too!
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Jul 11, 2014 9:33pm
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I always follow people that i think can motivate me and look at what workouts they are doing and give them a go. Also i use the leaderboard on the left to see where i come against my friends and try to get as close to the top as i can. I am 3rd at the moment . If you wanna follow each other you can just send me a message when you feel demotivated and i will try and help. You can do it! Think about the body you want and when you start seeing results you will feel awesome!