Losing 20 pounds by August

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Jul 12, 2014 6:26am
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Ok. I'm obese so says my BMI index. I'm trying to get healthy and lose the weight. I am very active. I jog 5 days a week and complete three miles in the morning and sometimes even add 3miles in the evening every other day. Light yoga and squats every day except for Sunday, that's rest day. No sodas, cut the caffeine, just waters, a pre workout supplement, and a protein shake after the morning jog. Pretty much sticking to a paleo diet. I've been at it for almost two weeks now, using the buddy system et cetera. So any who started after my last doctor's visit where the scale had me at 230.6lbs. I'm 5'9", btw.

Anyway, my major problem area is my gut (if you're still reading this thank you for your time). I've had two very large babies in the last few years by c-section and had gestational diabetes that just completely blew it up. What I'm asking for is advice, is my routine solid? Should I tweak it a little? Room for improvement? Also, any advice on how to really target the awful belly fat and muffin top? My goal is to lose that 20lbs by the end of this month so I can start my new 20lb goal.

I'd appreciate any and all input. I wanna get fit and stay fit.

12 Jul
eats lots of fresh, organic, raw fruits and vegetables. avoid processed food and msg. dont get discouraged or give up if you dont meet your goal. keep going even when you dont feel like it.
12 Jul
Well idk if this helps but for six weeks M-F I didnt have any pasta,sugar,rice, or bread. Sat and Sun I had those items but very limited so I wasnt completely unsatisfied.
12 Jul
It sounds like you are doing everything right. If you really wanted to, you could use an app like my fitness pal to make sure your diet is good, but from the sounds of it you are eating healthy. Healthy weight loss takes time.