Baby weight why you don't leave me?

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Jul 17, 2014 6:50pm
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My baby is almost a year in 2 months. I have gained 60 pounds and I only lost 30 pounds. I honestly want to lose 40 more pounds. It's taking forever and I'm so unmotivated. I did have a tough postpartum period. I had to do a gallbladder surgery at 6 weeks and PPD. I really started losing weight when baby was 5 months. My parents came and visited for about a month and I have been eating like crazy and no exercise. I need advice and motivation! TIA

17 Jul
Try looking at photos of yourself before the pregnancy, it will make your goal of losing those pounds more realistic, since you used to be close to that goal weight. Set yourself some ground rules, like not using your phone untill you do 20 push ups, or not talking to anyone until you do 30 squats. Fun things come with a cost. There may not be real punishments for breaking rules, but it might help getting you started on working out regularly, and once you'll start your need to stop will lessen.