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Jul 26, 2014 11:29pm
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So, let me just bruk bruk bruk it down for you. Many people, including me, spends the most of time crying about what we cant achieve, omg we are so drama queens, and yeah, you too boys. So, i made one plan. DO SOMETHING! WORK HARD! Key, look, if you dont feel tired when you go to bad, than what's the f-ing point? WE DONT DO F-ING WORK! ANND YOURE LIKE "OH MY GOSH, I'M SO FAT, I WILL NEVER LOSE WEIGHT. Oh, look, you spend half hour talking about it when you can DO IT! Soooooooo, yeaaaa.

26 Jul
Do you like your workouts intense?
27 Jul
Honestly, no. I workout in gym everyday for 2 hours. But i have to make it bettet
27 Jul
I started doing light workouts two weeks ago and I noticed I had more endurance in the pool and also I can walk around easier in heels
27 Jul
thats kinda inspiring
27 Jul
Hahaha someone really likes superwoman