Some tips for Vascularity

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Jul 28, 2014 6:06pm
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Most guys prefer having those veins popping out. It gives you a stronger, leaner look. But how do you get vascular? Here are some tips:

- Diet
You're not going to see veins if you are at a high percent body fat. You might see them in on area because it might be low in fat but overall you're not going to have what you want.
- train hard
Push yourself to get a strong pump. Training really pumps up those veins especially when you push yourself hard.
- eat postassium
Believe it or not potassium will increase your vascularity and it is recommended by many experts. Potassium rich foods are bananas, kiwis, white potatoes and sweet potatoes.
- regulate your salt level
Make sure you eating your salt daily and drinking enough water.
09 Nov
Thanks for sharing :)


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