Staying Motivated!!!!

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Jul 30, 2014 12:41pm
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Looking for ideals to help me stay motivated with eating healthy and working out..... Any Suggestions????

30 Jul
If you have a fairly new galaxy device you should utilize the S health app... the food feature really helped me with monitoring and managing my portions and caloric intake so you can stay within your calorie intake goals
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Jul 30, 2014 1:07pm
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Find a pic of you that you don't like that reminds you of what you use to look like and look at it daily, or even a pair of pants you can't wear anymore and hang them in their closet so ur forced to look at them

30 Jul
Thanks, will try it!!
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Aug 1, 2014 7:56am
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Sabrina, here's an idea. Stand in front of the mirror and just look at yourself for a couple second or minutes. And just think, what if...

Now, whatever that "what if" is... Go out there and go get it. Work for it. Make it happen.

01 Aug
Understanding that you are worth the investment now and that health is what you are chasing not a certain look. Love yourself enough to make better choices.