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Jul 31, 2014 4:31am
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I'm 20, 5'6", 120lbs. I'm not looking to loose weight, just tone everything up. I think I found a good workout regimen but I'm having a really hard part getting through it all. It's three parts, the first is a half mile jog a mile walk and another half mile jog. The second is an core workout that's about ten minutes long with five different exercises. And the third is another core workout (which is only three times a week) or a leg workout (two days a week) both of which are about fifteen minutes. And a squats warm up and cool down.
Problem is, by the time I get to part three I'm mentally over it. Am I overdoing it or do I just need to get over the mental block? Any advice is welcomed! Thank you!

31 Jul
My advice is to just do what you can. I do the same, when I am mentally or physically over it, I tell myself good job out loud and tell myself next time I can try and do the whole thing. No point in making myself feel bad for not completing the entire's a work in progress. Just push yourself a little. When I make myself feel bad for not finishing a workout, or say, " well, I can't do this"...then I think maybe it's all worthless and am more apt to quit. As silly as it sounds, talk...
31 Jul
Squats as a warm-up? Squats is one of about 3 powerhouse lower body exercises (calorie crusher with weights)! Break the workout down into manageable chunks but it still needs to challenge you!
31 Jul
Where's your upper-body routine? Need to work the arms, back, & chest! If it were me, I'd drop that third round all together and do the routine every other day! On off days I'd include upper-body work and possibly some more intense leg work depending on your equipment
31 Jul
Just my 2-cents worth Jessica :)
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Jul 31, 2014 8:07am
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It can be tough sometimes but you have to remember that the only person who can make you get through it is you! If you have a goal, the only way you will not get there is if YOU stop trying. Going part way is nowhere near as satisfying as completing it. Just push yourself. You'll be glad you did.

31 Jul
Nice sead
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Jul 31, 2014 2:58pm
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Your making a few mistakes

1. You do cardio first.
2. You work your core to much
3. You work you upper body to little.

So here is what I suggest.

3 times a week you should do a full body weight training session of 30-45 min.

And Then 3 times of 20-30 min cardio. Followed by 10-15 min of abs

You can do something like this

Everything is done for 8-12 reps and with 60-90 sek rest in between

Squats - 3 sets 

Lunges - 3 sets (each leg)

Jump squats - 3 sets

Inverted rows - 3 sets

One arm rows - 3 sets

Supermans - 3 sets

pushups - 3 sets

Daimond pushups - 3 sets

Decline pushups - 3 sets

If you cant do 10 reps just do as many as you can.
if you don't have weights and it's to easy use a bag or anything else you can use to add weight 

For cardio do hiit training fore 20 min if you can. (Like 5 min brisk walk. 40 sek jog 20 sek sprint for 10 rounds and Then 5 more min of a brisk walk.

For abs do 3 sets of situps. 3 sets of leg raises.   And 3 sets of russian twists (all for 12 reps.) you can take rest in between them or you can do a curcriut training. If you like you can do 3 sets of the elbow plank fore 30 sek :)

Hope it helps :)